Amanda Shepherd

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Yoga is Amanda’s perpetual muse since 1998. Her passion for the practice started as a reprieve from the fast pace of NYC and became her spiritual ground to leap through daily flux. After zigzagging across the country and starting a family, Amanda earned teaching certification through Yoga Works in 2012. Her continuing studies (400+ hours) have evolved into a guide style that helps people move with intelligence and respect for their individual structures. For Amanda, self-care is as important as movement. She holds a certification in Yoga Tune Up ®, a mysofascial release modality. Amanda offers alignment from her palpable interest in functional anatomy. She also enjoys deep dives into yogic philosophy and Sanskrit language. Amanda has done in depth philosophy course work with her long-term teacher and official mentor, Erika Burkhalter (YW, 150 hours). For Amanda, practice incorporates many styles of asana: ashtanga, flow, yin, and restoratives. Asana choices are deliberate with options offered to keep everyone in the room connected to his or her breath. Light chanting, philosophy, and the occasional “aha” moment make into the room. “Yoga to You” is her motto

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