Maja Re

Costa Mesa

In an instant, Maja’s whole life changed. In 48 hours she found out that cancer had been removed from her body & before she could even process “beating” such a terrible disease, her mother was taken from this earth. It was then that she knew that she was put here for something bigger than herself. She knew she needed to find her true path. After spending almost half her life working in the corporate world, & practicing yoga for almost as long, she decided to make a change not only herself, but she knew she wanted to help others find their inner peace. Maja’s vision is to transform your life through redefining the connection between your mind, body, soul & space, reimagining the way we live worldwide. Maja offers a unique, artistic & comprehensive approach to the practice that encourages her students to view challenges from alternate perspectives. Class intentions are incorporated through words, music, movements, & through breathwork. Reiki is shared at the end of every class.

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