Elisa Rosenthal


Originally hailing from Southern California, Elisa’s yogic odyssey began 16 years ago, eventually leading her to Melbourne, Australia, where she immersed herself in the practice and art of yoga. In 2016, she discovered her calling to guide others on their yoga journey. Her teaching philosophy is steeped in the rich traditions of yoga,
emphasizing more than just the physical postures. She aims to shift perspectives and invite students to explore the profound depths of yogic mythology, philosophy, mantra and the transformative power of Pranayama (breath-work).  Her classes are an embodiment of non-dual philosophy, offering intentional movement rooted in yogic teachings. Off the mat, you can find her enjoying the company of her husband and dog, immersing herself in the serenity of nature through camping, and expressing her creative side through music. Join her on the mat for a journey where yoga is not just an exercise but a profound exploration of self.

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