Kelly Burke


Kelly began her yoga journey completely unaware of how it would shape and transform her life. What she once saw as physical exercise quickly became a window into a deeper experience of life. Her practice guided her towards healing old wounds and unlocking parts of herself that made her feel truly empowered and connected.Yoga became essential to her during a season of grief, a chapter that led her to discover yoga’s true magic and somatic healing power. Yoga has been at the center of her life ever since, and she is deeply grateful for the impact it has had on her trajectory and to be able to share its magic with others.Kelly is passionate about providing immersive, sensory class experiences, and loves using music, sound healing, and breathwork as tools to help students feel deeper into their hearts and bodies. Nearly 2,000 teaching hours later, she is currently enrolled in her 300-hr TT and is happy to be on a journey of life-long-learning.

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