Rozanne Strong


Rozanne Strong, CMT, HHP, RYT, has been a California Licensed Massage Therapist. and Holistic Health Practitioner completing 1000 hours at the Healing Hands School of Holistic Health in Laguna Beach. She is currently in her 27th year of practice and 22 years of private practice. She also has a very good understanding and knowledge of the body. Rozanne completed 200 hours RYT through United Yoga in San Dimas.

As a mother of three grown men they inspired their mom to be active as they were growing up. Rozanne has over 30 years of running for the love of it and competitively. She eventually qualified to run for the Snail's Pace Racing Team in Brea, California. With that said, after running over 30 marathons including the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon, and an ultra marathon, the effects of the many miles were challenging. Strength training and yoga became a big part of Rozanne's life. While being proactive

about one's healing, Rozanne had to overcome the idea that running was something to give up. The strength training was imperative for her body and profession. However, the many years of working as a body worker had its toll. Now the new path of teaching and practicing yoga has been a transition to help or inspire others to help themselves through their own challenges. Yoga has now become a way of managing an arthritic knee and shoulder. Some form of yoga is a priority, but the idea of becoming a yoga instructor was overwhelming! Through massage Rozanne carries compassion for those like her who may have lifelong limitations. Rozanne loves to inspire and encourage them to keep moving and include yoga in their lives. Rozanne has a positive and warm energy. In her class you will feel the energy of the music, the community, and the love of yoga. She encourages self- expression during practice and to always honor your body.

Rozanne loves to travel, loves animals especially her own dog Ella. Rozanne has had a love for music since she was a child so concerts are her favorite place to escape - next to any beach on the planet. Please join Rozanne for a fun, strength based yoga session soon!

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