Khanh Vo


Khanh fell in love with yoga in 2013 and has been a dedicated yoga practitioner since then. She became hooked on the dynamic and creative style of vinyasa flow after taking a few classes at a rock climbing gym. At first, yoga was just another fitness activity to complement the rest of her active lifestyle, but she eventually noticed the mental clarity and peace that seemed to creep into her life. As a left-brained project manager, Khanh realized how she was applying her yoga to stay calm despite problematic situations and reminding herself that there were many things outside of her control. Khanh has a been a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance since 2018. As a teacher, she emphasizes proper alignment and foundation along with finding balance between effort and ease (Yoga sutra 2:46 - Sthirasukham asanam). She hopes that her students will experience the same benefits of yoga as she does – to feel calm, strong, flexible, and healthy in their own body and mind.

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