Khanh Vo


Khanh fell in love with yoga in 2013 and has been a dedicated yoga practitioner since then. After taking a few vinyasa classes at her climbing gym, she became hooked on the dynamic and creative style that allowed her to make modifications and challenge herself when she wanted it, but also to just be mindful of the breath and ease back when her body needed rest. At first, yoga was just another fitness activity to complement the rest of her active lifestyle and be a mode of stress relief during off-hours from a demanding corporate job. She loved the challenge of the advanced asanas, the mind-body connection of the practice, and the importance of the breath throughout it all. Soon after, she realized the mental, energetic, and spiritual benefits of her practice as well. In 2018, she completed her 200-hr teacher training and decided to quit her job as a project manager to pursue her dreams of teaching yoga. She continues to be a student and find balance in her life both on and off the mat, all while hoping to spread the benefits of yoga to others. Although Khanh's personal practice tends to be more strenuous and challenging, her teaching style focuses on basic postures and creating a calm, welcoming environment for all students.

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